Achelois in greek mythology is characterized as the goddess “who drives pain away”. The reason I have chosen to name my Sports and Athletic Therapy clinic Achelois is because I believe that to best heal the body, relieve it of pain, and ensure that no more pain occurs; your treatment should be primarily manual based. This does not only refer to the release of tight muscles, I am referring to relieving tight muscles, myo-fascial releases, tractions to the joints, muscles and tendons as well as, the strengthening of the body to enhance stabilization and muscular support.


I do not believe that people should have to live in pain; there should be pain management for all injuries, chronic or acute. I may not be equipped with the techniques to treat all injuries however; I will do everything in my power and abilities to ensure that we find a therapist who can.


As would the greek goddess, Achelois, I will spend the whole treatment time with you personally and will be using manual therapies to treat you injury in order to “drive the pain away”. I will also, use my techniques to assess and treat any areas, which could cause injury in the future. I then equip you with all information and home rehabilitation techniques available to ensure you are able to keep the pain away on your own. Yes, I would love to keep seeing all my clients however; outside of the clinic is preferred by me. If injury re-occurs and the pain returns, my clients know they can come back for that extra help needed. I do not want my clients to be reliant on my treatments to keep their pain away and believe that they should not need treatment every week for prolonged periods of time.


An example of how I drive the pain away would be, low back pain, this is a pain prominent in our society that is typically caused by tight muscles, disc injury or both. Through my Athletic Therapy treatments I will relieve the pain steaming from the muscles and fascia surrounding the injury by mobilization, massage, needing, guasha and cupping techniques. Then I would apply traction to the area taking the pressure off the muscles, bones, discs and other surrounding tissues to allow them space to heal. I will send you home with exercises and stretches personalize to your body and the specific injury. Through the at home rehabilitation techniques and my extended treatments I will widen my scope to other areas of the body that cause the injury to occur OR may cause it to re-occur. For lower back pain this would typically be treatment to the hips, hamstrings, upper back and abdominals.


As stated, I believe that no one should have to live with pain, it should be treated and the body should be able to live pain-free. Injuries occur throughout life, we are all so active throughout our day-to-day and there are so many factors, which can cause injury. We are not able to live in a bubble (which is a whole other store on how THAT could cause injury); so, since we are all human and have injury at some point in our lives, treatment is necessary to get us back to our active lifestyles. Let me “drive” your pain away and get you back to whatever lifestyle you choose.

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