…We start hearing things like “don’t dream too big”.

You’re too short to be a basketball player

It is unlikely you would make it to be an astronaut 

Want to be a Millionaire – Laughed at

I say, We can do anything, as long as we put our mind to it!

Have you ever heard of the Blind Man that climbed Mount Everest?

Erik Weihenmayer, was the first person without sight to climb this transcendent Mountain.

As I sit here I think, Of course he did! I am sure there is a way.

But, I tend to be a bit more optimistic and as some may label me “naive”. 

So, I would try to search my mind and say Yeah! Totally they could.

What about someone in a wheelchair? Is this less likely to occur? 

Sure, it would be more difficult, it may take longer, they might need more help. But, could they do it?

When I lived in Invermere, BC, there was a group (forgive me for not remembering what it is called), that set out to do hikes with an individual who was physically disabled every month. 

They had a chair that was connected to a few poles and volunteers in the community would hike together, taking turns to help carry the chair with the individual along the way.

DONE! (mic-drop)

I am sure there are so many other examples I could use for this, taken from history Helen Keller, Martin Luther King Jr., Barak Ojbama, Amelia Earhart, Elle woods 😛

These may not seem so obvious of examples now to most…

I mean, 

First women to fly a plane, totally… why not?

First African American President… Of course! What difference would that make?

But, these events in history were what made it possible for us to think this way.

I am sure that in 1937, there were a lot of people telling Amelia Earhart that it was not possible for her to fly a plane alone!

But, she said FUCK IT (probably in a much more respectful manner) and she flew that plane, she flew it right some good!

So, if she could achieve her dream, in a time that it was much less acceptable in society to achieve such a goal let alone many others. Then why can’t you pursue your dream in this day and age?!

Let’s See…

What other excuses have I used in the past??

  • I’m not smart enough
    • Who says? 
    • I have the ability to learn
    • I have complete everything I have set my mind to
    • I have experience starting new things
      • School
      • Jobs
      • Dog training
      • Learning to drive
      • Learning a new hobby
      • Learning to be a lifeguard
      • Moving to a new home
      • Making New friends
  • I don’t have enough money
    • There is always money, you just have to be creative. If you needed a coffee this morning, and you had no cash, what would you do? 
      • Scour the couch? 
      • Borrow?
      • Look on the ground in the Tim Horton Drive through (We would do this in University)
    • Money is an exchange
      • Thank you for your service, I would like to repay you
  • I don’t deserve it 
    • Everyone deserves what ever they want in their life 
    • The world is abundant with options and they are just waiting for you to have everything you want and more
    • Why wouldn’t I?
      • I work hard
      • I am knowledgeable
      • I am caring
      • I give in any way that I can

So, if you truly want something.

You want to be or do something with your life and you WANT that thing.

Make the decision and do it.

Take the first step, then the next.

Push through when you have doubt from yourself or others,

Make it Happen

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