Clinical Scope

Athletic Therapy Initial Visit:

This is the initial assessment of an acute or chronic injury including a detailed history, observation and a complete orthopaedic assessment of the injury site. Once the full assessment is complete, treatment of the injury will be included.

60 Minutes

Athletic Therapy Follow-Up:

Treatments include a brief follow up assessment of the injury site followed by necessary therapeutic modalities, manual techniques and home exercise/stretching programming.

45-60 Minutes

Condensed Athletic Therapy Treatment:

The option of a condensed athletic therapy treatment session is suggested for clients who have been to treatments before, are on the path to rehabilitation, and need some therapeutic modalities and/or manual treatment techniques however, do not require a full hour session.

30 Minutes

Baseline/ Concussion Testing:

Ideally performing a baseline concussion test should be completed prior to the start of your sporting season. This is to ensure that the test is an accurate representation of your cognitive abilities, reflexes, mental health, coordination, memory,  balance, gait and symptom score when at a healthy status. This way, we are able to utilize the baseline to safety return the athlete to play.

60 Minutes