COVID-19 Safety Plan

Clinical Treatments

  • We have assessed high traffic areas as well as, those areas to which costumers are in contact with during their visit. To ensure the utmost safety to clients who visit for treatments
    • Front Door
    • Treatment room door
    • Bathroom
    • Pens, Client Files
    • Treatment Table
      • Face Hole
      • Full Table Surface
    • Treatment Equipement
      • Japanese Cups
      • Gua Sha Tools
      • Strap
      • Pillows
      • Stim/ TENS Machine
      • Massage Gun
      • Cloths
    • All of these will be sanitized before and after all client visits.
    • One client to be booked at a time, there is no waiting area
    • 15 Minute turn-over time between all appointments to ensure time for sanitation & no over lap of clients during entry and exit.
    • All sheets or pillow covers will be cleaned between each client
    • Practitioner to wash hands before, after treatments
    • Practitioner to wear gloves and mask throughout duration of treatment, to be changed between each client.

Program Training

  • Facility Assessment
    • To be discussed based on company’s specialized protocols
    • Gloves and Mask to be worn throughout duration of Assessment
    • Hands to be washed or sanitized before and after Assessment.
  • Capability Assessment
    • See above “Clinical Treatment” protocols
  • Ergonomic Training
    • Via group meeting forum
  • Stretching Regiment
    • Via group meeting forum
    • Program to be sent to company electronically or by mail
  • Strengthening Regiment
    • Via group meeting forum
    • Program to be sent to company electronically or by mail

Field Treatments

Most field events to which this would be pertaining are not currently cleared to be conducted at this time. When it is deemed safe to attend these events and the safety protocols are put into place a proper safety plan will be formed by Achelois Therapy.

If you are seeking event coverage to which have been deemed safe by the Government of Canada and Province of British Columbia, please contact to discuss how we may proceed while ensuring safety to all those involved.