Field Scope

  • Coverage of Sporting teams and events
    • Team Sports
    • Individual Sports
    • Tournaments
    • High Impact Events
  • Medical Services
    • Emergency response to injury throughout event
    • Pre-event injury assessment, treatment and return to play recommendation
    • Perform return to play protocol for injury
    • Post-event injury assessment, treatments and follow-up recommendations

Athletic Therapists’ specialize in the immediate care and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries, on field and off. Please see “Clinical Scope” for more information.

Event Coverage:

Athletic Therapists specialize in the coverage of sporting events utilizing their emergency medical knowledge, functional training and injury rehabilitation techniques to aid with injuries before, during and after events. This ensures the athletes are performing to the highest of their abilities and in the safest way possible. Whether this be through injury taping & bracing, assessment, treatment, rehabilitation, functional testing, and/ or emergency response.

Covering events such as practices, tournaments, games and other activities for groups including but not limited to:

Hockey, football, soccer, rugby, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, cheerleading, track & field, down-hill/trail/road biking, marathons, rodeo, gymnastics, agility/obstacle races, crossfit/olympic lifting/power-lifting events & etc.

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