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Functional Capabilities Assessment

Individualized employee assessments to gauge physical and medical health. Obtaining a comprehensive overview to be compiled into a detailed report of findings.

What Outcomes can I Expect from this Assessment?

  • Decrease premium rates 
  • Decrease lost time injury claims rate
  • Decrease in disability injury rate
  • Faster recovery from workplace injury
  • Decreased rate of light duty injury cases 
  • Increase employee perception of management commitment

What is the Purpose of this Assessment?

  • Understanding of medical history
  • Understanding of physical health
  • Understanding of physical capabilities
  • Knowledge of areas with increased likelihood of injury
  • Ability to screen for injuries prior to occurring
  • Ability to train for proper techniques designed for the individual toward role performing
  • Gauge risk of hire before integrating into workplace
  • Get ahead of injury-risk areas
  • Educate employer and employee on strategy to decrease injury rate per individual
Packages Rate Based Per Individual
Basic Medical history (30min)
General range of motion testing (15min)
General strength testing (15min)
General on-floor physical capabilities testing (30min)
Intermediate Medical history (30min)
Range of motion testing (15min)
Strength testing (15min)
Special testing; specific injuries (15min)
Task specific on-floor physical capabilities testing (45min)
Elite Medical history (30min)
Specialized range of motion testing (15min)
Specialized strength testing (15min)
Special testing; specific injuries (15min)
Cognitive assessment
Task specific on-floor physical capabilities testing (45min)
Neuro-cognitive Testing (30min)
Risk outcome injuries