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Functional Ergonomics Training

Training of employees on how to efficiently move through the tasks carried out within their roles, position their bodies and prevent injury.

What Outcomes can the Company Expect from this Training?

  • Decrease premium rates
  • Decrease injury & accident reporting
  • Decrease near miss incidents
  • Decrease lost time injury claims rate
  • Decrease in disability injury rate
  • Faster recovery from workplace injury
  • Decreased rate of light duty injury cases 
  • Increase employee perception of management commitment
  • Increase in productive days percentage
  • Decrease in first aid interventions
  • Increase employee knowledge

What is the Purpose of the Training?

  • Teach proper form for lifting techniques
  • Teach proper form for movement techniques
  • Teach proper form for posture and gait movements
  • Decrease injury
  • Increase task effectiveness
  • Increase employee ability
  • Decrease fatigue
  • Stabilize the body to protect from injury
  • Gauge risk of hire before integrating into workplace
  • Get ahead of injury-risk areas
Packages Rate Based Per Role
Basic Generic lifting technique training
Top injury outcome reviewal
Includes in-house 1-2 hour/ 5 – 10ppl session
Intermediate Team specific lifting techniques
Top injury outcome reviewal
Posture reviewal
In-house 2-3 hour/ 5 – 10ppl session
Elite Team specific lifting techniques
Top injury & medical outcome reviewal
Injury reporting procedures
Posture reviewal
Stabilization techniques
In-house 3-4 hour/ 5 – 10ppl session