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Functional Strengthening Regiment

Strengthening program designed to strengthen the body in areas critical to role needs, Preventing fatigue, decrease chronic pain & injury, strengthen the body and preventing injury.

What Outcomes can the Company Expect from this Regiment?

  • Decrease premium rates 
  • Decrease injury & accident reporting
  • Decrease near miss incidents
  • Decrease lost time injury claims rate
  • Decrease in disability injury rate
  • Faster recovery from workplace injury
  • Decreased rate of light duty injury cases 
  • Increase employee perception of management commitment
  • Increase in productive days percentage
  • Decrease in first aid interventions
  • Increase employee knowledge

What is the Purpose of this Regiment?

  • Increase strength
  • Decrease fatigue
  • Increase efficiency
  • Increase overall health
  • Increase posture, gait and lifting techniques
  • Increase proper movement patterns
  • Increase ability to complete tasks
  • Get ahead of injury-risk areas
  • Educate employer and employee on strategy to decrease injury rate per individual
Packages Rate Based Per Role
BasicGeneric Workout Session
1 day /mth for 3 mths
Take Home Sessions Packages 
20 people per session
IntermediateSpecialized Functional Workout Session
1 day/mth for 3 mths
Take Home Sessions Packages
20 people per session
EliteSpecialized Functional Workout Session
2/mth for 3 mths
Take Home Sessions Packages
20 people per session