Athletic Therapy Assessment: $80

This is the initial assessment of an acute or chronic injury including a detailed history, observation and a complete orthopaedic assessment of the injury site. Once the full assessment is complete, treatment of the injury will be included.

60 Minutes

Athletic Therapy Treatment: $70

Treatments include a brief follow up assessment of the injury site followed by necessary therapeutic modalities, manual techniques and home exercise/stretching programming.

60 Minutes

Condensed Athletic Therapy Treatment: $50

The option of a condensed athletic therapy treatment session is suggested for clients who have been to treatments before, are on the path to rehabilitation, and need some therapeutic modalities and/or manual treatment techniques however, do not require a full hour session.

30 Minutes

Please be aware that payment will be made in full to the therapist and a receipt issued to claim your treatment.

It is recommended that you contact your insurance provider prior to attending a session, to see if your policy covers Athletic Therapy as a treatment method.