Clinical Scope

Athletic Therapy Initial Visit:

This is the initial assessment of an acute or chronic injury including a detailed history, observation and a complete orthopaedic assessment of the injury site. Once the full assessment is complete, treatment of the injury will be included.

60 Minutes

Athletic Therapy Follow-Up:

Treatments include a brief follow up assessment of the injury site followed by necessary therapeutic modalities, manual techniques and home exercise/stretching programming.

45-60 Minutes

Condensed Athletic Therapy Treatment:

The option of a condensed athletic therapy treatment session is suggested for clients who have been to treatments before, are on the path to rehabilitation, and need some therapeutic modalities and/or manual treatment techniques however, do not require a full hour session.

30 Minutes

Baseline/ Concussion Testing:

Ideally performing a baseline concussion test should be completed prior to the start of your sporting season. This is to ensure that the test is an accurate representation of your cognitive abilities, reflexes, mental health, coordination, memory,  balance, gait and symptom score when at a healthy status. This way, we are able to utilize the baseline to safety return the athlete to play.

60 Minutes

Field Scope

Event Coverage:

Athletic Therapists specialize in the coverage of sporting events utilizing their emergency medical knowledge, functional training and injury rehabilitation techniques to aid with injuries before, during and after events. This ensures the athletes are performing to the highest of their abilities and in the safest way possible. Whether this be through injury taping & bracing, assessment, treatment, rehabilitation, functional testing, and/ or emergency response.

Covering events such as practices, tournaments, games and other activities for groups including but not limited to:

Hockey, football, soccer, rugby, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, cheerleading, track & field, down-hill/trail/road biking, marathons, rodeo, gymnastics, agility/obstacle races, crossfit/ olympic lifting/power-lifting events & etc.

Times Will Vary

Ergonomic Scope

Ergonomic and Stretching Program:

Five unique programs designed with your specialized company in mind.

Educating workers on proper lifting, postural and stabilization techniques, as well as integrating a daily stretching program is essential for minimizing the likelihood of injury, disability, or permanent damage. Achelois is able to decrease the number of injury claims and their associated costs by studying your employees’ efficiency in the working environment and implementing safe working practices to reduce the number of injuries associated with poor performance.

Customize your program to enhance the safety of your workplace and employees.

  1. Functional Facility Assessment
  2. Functional Capability Assessment
  3. Functional Ergonomic Training
  4. Functional Stretching Regiment
  5. Functional Strengthening Regiment

Times Will Vary

Achelois Therapy is a Proud Partner of Irwin’s Industrial Safety. Working together to bring a the highest level of safety services directly to you.


Please be aware that payment will be made in full to the therapist and a receipt issued to claim your treatment.

It is recommended that you contact your insurance provider prior to attending a session, to see if your policy covers Athletic Therapy as a treatment method.